About Us

“Kenya Would Not Be Where It Is If Education Had Been The Focus!”
(Wachira Ngamau – Director of PACE Ministry)

Wachira goes on to say, “Early missionaries gave the gospel to the people and for that we are grateful, but they didn’t give us the answers to change our lives. We needed education to go along side the power of God. And that is what PACE does.”

Wachira started the PAA (Pan African Academy), the PAHS (Pan African High School), the PAVS (Pan African Vocational School) and PAST (Pan African School of Theology) with the goal to provide Christian based high-quality, affordable and integrated education for all. Tuitions are based on the maxim “everyone according to their needs.” So at PACE schools you will find children from poor, middle and rich families mixed with orphans (Kenyan and Rwandan), street children, IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons), and children from marginalized tribes.

At least half of the children live on the PACE compound throughout the school year requiring such basic needs a food, housing, bedding and clothing as well as personal need items. This is in addition to school fees, books, writing materials and exam fees. Currently 61 children attend PACE but pay nothing towards their support. 16 others require partial support to supplement what their families are able to pay.

Without PACE, those children in the Academy, would attend the local public schools until they reach Class 8 (equivalent to our grade 8), but would go no further. High School would not be an option. The young boys would most likely end up in jail, on the street or living from one manual labour job to another with little hope for improvement. The young women, at age 13 or 14, would be able to look forward to being married to some older man, get pregnant out of wedlock, and be on the street or struggling to feed her young family. These are not pleasant prospects but unfortunately they are common within the society in Kenya.

PACE and Wachira wish to change this self-perpetuating cycle of poverty by accepting students from some of the less fortunate areas such as Maina, (Victory School).  By accepting as few as 20 new students a year from these areas, and finding supporters to come along side PACE and these children, it will be possible to break this cycle over time. It will not be quick but it is doable.

By agreeing to donate $50 per month you can change lives. And changed lives will change this country. By donating to PACE through International Teams Canada (www.iteams.ca) you will receive a Canadian tax receipt and the knowledge that you will have saved a child from poverty and by educating that child, you will have helped him to help his family, his village and his country. You can do so much for so little.